Where are you headed, PHA?

4. 10. 2020

From packaging to textiles and functional applications 

The research conducted by the GO!PHA organization shows that PHA will develop more in other specialized segments over the next five to ten years. New knowledge discoveries are enabling us to harness the specific properties of PHA even more and thus find a wide range of applications in cosmetics as well as in the production of environmentally friendly adhesives, paints and coatings. In particular, the textile industry is expected to grow strongly, and aquaculture using PHAs is also set to develop. PHA production is estimated to increase more than threefold in the next five years. According to European Bioplastics, PHA will lead the way in the increased production of degradable bioplastics.  

PHAs are a sustainable alternative to synthetic plastics in the production of packaging and plastic disposables. Biodegradable polymers are also widely used in agriculture, for example as mulch films. Medical applications are also a highly debated area. Polyhydroxybutyrate, PHB, is biocompatible with the human body and can be gradually degraded within it. It is thus an excellent material for tissue engineering, joint replacements, biocompatible devices such as carriers of active drug compounds, etc. However, due to the challenging and costly testing, the development of medical applications is still a long ways ahead.  

GO!PHA is a non-profit organization that brings together companies, as well as academic institutions involved in PHA production and application development. It brings together the latest research findings, facilitates networking between organizations, tracks the market and addresses legislation on biodegradable materials.