Nanotechnology in the public eye

5. 10. 2020

Although the beginnings of nanotechnology are often associated with the late 1950s, the California Institute of Technology and the world-renowned physicist Richard Feynman, nanotechnology research itself only really began to flourish throughout the world around the 1980s. It was at this time that microscopes capable of observing atoms and molecules were developed and, in connection with this, carbon nanotubes and fullerenes began to be studied.  

In the Czech Republic, the public began to pay attention to nanotechnology particularly with the development of a method enabling the production of non-woven nanotextiles by a device called NanoSpider, which was developed by a research team from the Technical University of Liberec. Since then, other Czech companies have started to deal with nanotechnology much more frequently and, according to many key players in the Czech nanotechnology industry, we are now one of the top developers of nanotechnology in Europe as well as the world. What is the current attitude and stance of the European and Czech public towards nanotechnology? 

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