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P3HB BiopolymerCircular

Sustainable biopolymerThe unique properties of P3HB biopolymerP3HB

P3HB is non-toxic, biocompatible and fully biodegradable. It is a circular material, as it is produced from waste.

PHAs are natural polyesters of organic acids. In nature, they serve as energy storage for many microorganisms. Polyhydroxyalkanoates can be composed of more than 150 types of monomers, which in combination provide a large variety of materials with different properties. Currently, we produce poly-3-hydroxybutyrate (P3HB).


P3HB is of bacterial origin and bacteria (and other organisms) can also degrade it. Waste from P3HB does not persist in the environment but decomposes rapidly.

Safe to human

P3HB is well accepted by the human body – it does not cause any irritation or immune response. This makes P3HB a perfect material not only for biomedicine and tissue engineering but also for cosmetics.


P3HB not only replaces microplastics in cosmetic products but can do much more.


Biocompatibility and processability of P3HB can be used in tissue engineering.

Sustainable packaging

Sustainability of P3HB packaging must be evaluated from cradle to grave.

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Hydal Biotechnology

We produce high-quality PHA from waste cooking oil (WCO) through the unique Hydal biotechnology.


PHAs cause no toxicity, irritation or allergic skin reaction. In addition, Hydal PHA is fully biodegradable.


The main properties of PHAs make them excellent candidates for biomedical applications.

Sustainable Packaging

We strive for zero-waste approach for our products and to further develop sustainable packaging.

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