Hydal BiotechnologySustainable

First technology in the world to use natural waste oil to produce a biopolymer.

P3HB Biopolymer Sustainable

Sustainable polymer for cosmetics, packaging, biomedicine and agriculture.

Hydal Biotechnology

We produce high-quality PHA from waste cooking oil (WCO) through the unique Hydal biotechnology.

P3HB Biopolymer

P3HB is non-toxic, biocompatible and biodegradable. It is a circular material from waste.


PHAs cause no toxicity, irritation or allergic skin reaction. In addition, Hydal PHA is fully biodegradable.


The main properties of PHAs make them excellent candidates for biomedical applications.

Sustainable Packaging

We strive for zero-waste approach for our products and to further develop sustainable packaging.

Our JourneyJourney

Thanks to science breakthroughs, we can utilize waste streams to produce novel materials with new benefits. These new materials are also friendly to people and nature.
Patented biotechnology know-how for biopolymer production.
Team of experts with 15 years of experience for R&D cooperation.
P3HB Biopolymer which offers EU Green Deal solutions.
Biopolymer solutions for cosmetics, biomedicine, agriculture and packaging.

We’re passionate about serving our clients to the fullest, while continuously growing, learning, and innovating.

Our solutions and applications

We develop new generation of sustainable materials

Our natural polymer Hydal PHA has a wide range of applications. We are the only company in the world to use the biopolymer primarily in high-value-added applications. Our priority focus is on the following areas:
Sustainable packaging
Smart Fertilizers

Our mission

Our journey is called Hydal PHA and it leads to a sustainable future. Because we feel responsible not only for ourselves, but also for others. We believe it is fair to contribute to a better life for all of us through our business.

Our vision has been unchanging since the beginning and can be expressed in two words: a better world. A better world based on scientific knowledge and new technologies. This vision has been fulfilled every day, by each and every one of us, for ten years.

What we build on

The evolution of today’s world and knowledge is turbulent and disruptive. It is not evolutionary but rather revolutionary. New technologies and concepts are one of the foundations for meeting climate goals and protecting the environment. And creating lasting value in this environment requires having a clear strategy and clear pillars on which to build.


NAFIGATE has experienced great growth over the years, but we’ve strived to maintain a family atmosphere where employees and partners can thrive and succeed.

Our team and the individuals within it are the foundation of success and the prerequisite for it.
We deal with significant problems that positively affect the lives of us all. Our vision is a better world.
Excellence and creating technology and application solutions with global potential. Solutions that have clear added value and demonstrable environmental impacts.
We are a small company and partnerships are extremely important to us. We are proud that our partnerships work over the long term and help us to achieve results together.

Our ProjectsProjects

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Our peopleTeam

Year after year, multiple industries recognize NAFIGATE as a leader in an innovation and product development of the circular products and technologies. We're proud to be one of the top manufacturers of P3HB Biopolymer in the world.
Lukáš Müller

Chairman of the BoardLukáš Müller

Lukas joined the management team in 2020 and is responsible for finance and project management.

Lenka Mynářová

Member of the BoardLenka Mynářová

Lenka has been leading the Hydal project since its inception in 2012. She is the strategic brain behind the project.

Lenka Vrtíšková

Member of the BoardLenka Vrtíšková

Lenka has been part of the Hydal team since 2013 and is currently in charge of the strategic research agenda.

Daniel Pohludka

Chief R&D OfficerDaniel Pohludka

Dan has been part of the Hydal team since its inception in 2012. He leads the Hydal Research & Development in Ostrava and manages the biotechnology development.

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    Media about NAFIGATEWe are proud being noticed by the best mediaMedia

    We have decades of experience developing new products and technologies and we are always happy to talk to the media about our news, goals and vision.
    €1.4 million for the development of eco-friendly packaging. Nafigate and BUT project supported by the European Commission

    The know-how of a Czech company and a university is the basis of a joint project of 17 European companies and institutions that will develop the ecological packaging of the future for food or cosmetics. The company and the university have been successful in a tender for the Horizon 2020 research programme, which receives €8.8 million in European funding.

    NAFIGATE Corporation - one of the first cosmetics products in the world which is using biopolymer P3HB

    At Nafigate, they know that without a real product, the success of the technology would be limited, so they have brought shower milk, soap and other cosmetics to the market – all products use biopolymers made with natural bacteria instead of classic hazardous microplastics.