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One of our key activities is the transfer of Hydal biotechnology, which is the first in the World to use 100% waste on an industrial scale - used frying oil - for the production of natural biopolymer PHA.


We bring projects focused on the development and production of a new energy-saving generation of nanofiber membranes for water and air purification technologies, the textile industry and cosmetics to the global market.

About us

Our mission is to bring discoveries, introduce them into real life and thus contribute to a better life on Earth.

Our vision is a world with clean air, clean water, a world unpolluted with plastics available to everyone on earth

NAFIGATE's activities are divided into two main segments, namely nanofiber applications and biotechnology, which together focus on three fundamental goals…

Natural polymer

Clean Water

Clean air

We bring together experts in the field of science and build a global center of excellence, which aims to transfer breakthrough high-tech products and innovative technologies to the world market.

We have won prestigious awards

Frost & Sullivan

We received the Frost & Sullivan award as the first biotechnology in the history of the Czech Republic.


We succeeded in strong competition and were included in the Eurostars program within the EU.

EU's Seal of Excellence

We received an excellent evaluation for the Hydal project from the European Commission.


EU goes with Czechia. NAFIGATE Corporation about to deveolop ecological packaging of the future

EU goes with Czechia. NAFIGATE Corporation about to deveolop ecological packaging of the future

NAFIGATE Corporation succeeded in the research program Horizon 2020 and is about to realize project that deals with sustainable packaging. The bioplastic production will use Hydal biotechnology as its launching pad. At the same time, the market researching company Datamar will execute testing.

NAFIGATE Park and Hydal – what's next?

NAFIGATE Park and Hydal – what's next?

As NAFIGATE Corporation, from the very beginning, we were following two paths, nano and bio. The two lines had a same goal – to gather the years of scientific research and transform them into useful products.


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