Sustainable Packaging

We strive for zero-waste approach for our cosmetic products and further develop sustainable packaging based on Hydal PHA for products, where packaging cannot be omitted

Product packaging applicationsSustainable packaging based Hydal PHAP3HB

Sustainable packaging design must address all steps of the material’s lifecycle no matter what material is being used. Even biopolymers do not guarantee product sustainability, if not designed circular. 

Hydal PHA is produced by waste upcycling. We have developed the biotechnology process to be environment friendly – we do not use polluting chemicals in the production of PHA. Compared to fossil-based plastics, this is a huge step forward. But it is only the beginning of the PHA lifecycle. 

To develop sustainable packaging from waste-based and biodegradable PHA, we run Horizon 2020 BioSupPack project. Here, we will design packaging materials that are durable and reusable. The biggest challenge is the end-of-life. Even though Hydal PHA is biodegradable, littering or landfilling are no ways in future waste management. We want to develop biotechnological PHA recycling so that our PHA packaging can become a feedstock for other circular products.


Hydal PHA is produced from waste.


Durable products can be reused several times.

End of Life

Hydal PHA is fully biodegradable and we seek for recycling possibilities.

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Hydal Biotechnology

We produce high-quality PHA from waste cooking oil (WCO) through the unique Hydal biotechnology.

Biopolymer P3HB

P3HB is non-toxic, biocompatible and biodegradable. It is a circular material from waste.


PHAs cause no toxicity, irritation or allergic skin reaction. In addition, Hydal PHA is fully biodegradable.


The main properties of PHAs make them excellent candidates for biomedical applications.

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