We invite you to the Horizon 2020 WaysTUP! online workshop

4. 5. 2021

We would like to invite to an online workshop presenting the results and future plans for the pilot research no. 4: Bioplastics for the Horizon 2020 WaysTUP! Project, of which Nafigate Corporation is one of the partners.  

Supported by Horizon 2020, WaysTUP! aims to introduce a portfolio of processes for transforming urban biowaste into valuable new products such as food and feed additives, bioethanol, biopolymers or bioplastics. The feedstock includes meat waste, coffee grounds, household biowaste, used cooking oils, cellulose waste obtained from sewage or plant waste. Among other things, the project aims to improve public perception of urban biowaste and inspire an increase in the collection of municipal biowaste.  

The involvement of Nafigate Corporation is the conversion of coffee oil into a PHA biopolymer for further processing into bioplastics.  

A workshop mapping the results of a project started in September 2019 will be held on 12 May 2021 at 10:00. For further information, see the program and invitation 

Simply register for the workshop via the Google form and all other essential registration information will be delivered to you well in advance. 

We look forward to seeing you!