Ostrava on board of the HOOP Network!

19. 4. 2021

The HOOP team welcomes the City of Ostrava on board of the HOOP network of cities and regions! 

You are now registered to the HOOP network database/contact list: we will regularly inform you on the development of the project and outcomes that will help you to further develop your local bioeconomy strategy. 

As a member of the HOOP network, you will have the chance to engage in matchmaking with other cities and regions facing similar bioeconomy challenges or exploring similar innovations, and you will have the opportunity to be invited to study visits and project workshops. Furthermore, a dedicated communication toolkit is provided to you to showcase the support of your city or region to the HOOP project, and an onboarding guide. 

Part of the project budget will be reserved to finance the participation of the HOOP network and its experts to relevant events (webinars, conferences, study visits, workshops, etc.) organized within the project. You will be informed any time there will be an opportunity to benefit from the different services. 

Welcome to the HOOP Network of Cities and Regions

Upcoming Steps 

In the following months, the HOOP partners will create the Urban Circular Bioeconomy Hub (UCBH), an online platform to foster knowledge exchange and replication in cities across Europe. The Urban Bioeconomy Hub is coming in 2022. In the meantime, we will stay in contact through the HOOP followers’ contact list, with which we will share with you information on relevant outcomes and activities to which you will be invited to take part. 

The Network of cities and regions is managed by the Association of Cities and Regions for sustainable Resource management (ACR+). Do not hesitate to contact them if you need more information.