Together with other partners we succeeded with the Horizon2020 project “ValueWaste”

17. 12. 2018

The international ValueWaste project submitted under Horizon2020 – the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation – has succeeded with an excellent evaluation and is in the grant preparation phase. More than €9 million will be disbursed among the 27 consortium members.  

ValueWaste aims to demonstrate the implementation of new value chains for the use of urban bio-waste for the production of higher value products through a collaborative approach between all stakeholders in line with the concept of circular economy. The project will present a portfolio of new processes for converting urban bio-waste into new products based on different raw materials, such as meat waste, coffee grounds, household bio-waste, used frying oils, cellulose waste derived from wastewater or sewage sludge. The process will results in the production of food and feed additives, flavorings, coffee oil, bioethanol, bio-solvents, polyhydroxyalkanoates, bioplastics, etc. Both a safety assessment of the final product and a LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) will be carried out to assess environmental impact. The aim is also to improve the current perception of urban bio-waste as a potential resource by the citizens of the involved countries. Thus the project includes, among other things, increasing the active participation of citizens in the collection of urban bio-waste. New profitable business models will be developed preparing market entry of the technology solutions demonstrated as well as of the end-products resulting from them. The project will provide guidance for city managers and policy recommendations at the EU level.