The plastic strategy of fashion brands

2. 1. 2019

A number of fashion brands are trying to be sustainable when it comes to their use of plastics.  We use up to 1 million plastics bags every minute. Worldwide, approximately 8 million tons of plastic enter our oceans every year, and of these 8 million tons, up to 236.000 tons are microplastics.  Recycled plastics usually end up in the textile industry and polyester, acrylic and nylon make up approximately 60% of our clothing. However, every time we wash out clothes, microplastic fibers are released, which end up in sewers and subsequently in our oceans.  

Strategic plastic options for fashion brands: 

  • Developing and using biodegradable fibers that can degrade quickly 
  • Stop using newly manufactured plastics and use recycled plastics 
  • Use ocean plastics (plastic waste collected from the oceans) 
  • Use of plastic made from biomass

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