Spent Coffee Grounds: WaysTUP!

Value chains for disruptive transformation of urban biowaste into biobased products in the city context

Circular economy needs to inspire technological, organizational and social innovation across and within value chains. It demands a system change rather than a purely product-focused approach, as well as regulatory, institutional, and cultural changes.

The overall objective of WaysTUP! project in Horizon 2020 research program is to establish new value chains for urban bio-waste utilization for the production of higher value purpose products. WaysTUP! project aims to demonstrate various waste streams as new feedstocks for bio-based materials production, develop and implement a behavioral change approach with citizens and local communities, define business models, and provide guidance on the governmental level on adopting new organizational models supporting the valorization of urban bio-waste.

PILOT demonstration will take place in several European cities, one of them being Prague with Nafigate Corporation as a leader in the value chain transformation. In WaysTUP! project we connect spent coffee ground upcycling with Hydal biotechnology. Spent coffee ground is a rich source of oils and polyphenols suitable for cosmetics and a suitable carbon source for Hydal PHA production. Through cascade recycling, we aim to valorize spent coffee ground in various applications including P3HB biopolymer manufacturing.

Learn more at: https://waystup.eu/

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