Sustainable packaging: BioSupPack

Demonstrative process for the production and enzymatic recycling of environmentally safe, superior and versatile PHA-based rigid packaging solutions by plasma integration in the value chain.

The main goal of BioSupPack is to deliver novel, cost-competitive and versatile bio-based packaging solutions based on PHA, that demonstrate high-performance for the packaging of food, cosmetics, homecare and beverage products as well as no environmental damage during and after their use.

BioSupPack project of a consortium of 17 European companies and institutions under the Horizon 2020 research program is based on the know-how of two Czech entities – Nafigate Corporation and the Brno University of Technology (BUT). The multinational company Unilever and other excellent workplaces in Europe are also members of the consortium.

As part of the BioSupPack project, we will process and test new types of waste from food production in Hydal biotechnology. We are also looking for new forms of polymer that are suitable for processing into bioplastics.

The European Union has long been working to solve problems with synthetic plastics, but the advent of bioplastics is hampered by several problems. Existing recycling systems are built to process conventional plastics, and not all bioplastics are truly environmentally friendly. As part of the BioSupPack project, the consortium will examine the possibilities of how to effectively recycle next-generation bioplastics and also how to digitalize material streams.