We bring a gold medal from in-cosmetics Global 2022

7. 4. 2022

From the “2022  Green Ingredient” competition at the in-cosmetics Global, we bring a gold medal for Hydal PHA

in-cosmetics award

This award is given to a raw material or indgredient that makes a significant environment difference in the area of sustainibility.

And what exactly is Hydal PHA?

Hydal PHA is a biopolymer that is produced biotechnologically from two biosources – used natural oils or waste from beer production. The specific form of the biopolymer is P3HB. This biopolymer is biocompatible, non-toxic and fully biodegradable /is the reference material for biodegradability in the new microplastics regulation/. Hydal PHA in powder form with a particle size of 1-5 microns is a new cosmetic ingredient that:

  • Replaces microplastics and meets all the requirements for their regulation
  • Replaces existing ingredients that do not meet sustainability requirements or have potential safety risks /eg.TiO2, talc/
  • Creates the basis for new formulations such as polymeric matrix
  • Is an active ingredient in selected products – sorbent in deodorants
  • Ingredient for coating/encapsulation
  • Booster of UV protection
  • Has great application potential in the field of wound healing/dressing

Hydal PHA is an upcycling ingredient. It is made from materials that are after use and are feedstock for biotechnological processes. The environmental impact of upcycling ingredients is quantified by LCA based on the avoided sources principle. This means that instead of primary natural materials, secondary raw materials are used. At the same time, the biotechnological process of biopolymer production is based on Zero Waste principles/all production outputs are recycled, waste biomass is used to produce energy for the technology/. The production processes used are fully compliant with Green Chemistry.

Our ingredient is unique

  • The manufacturing process – it is a biotechnology process based on Green Chemistry and Zero Waste Manufacturing.
  • Feedstock – the feedstock for biotechnology is the after use product. This allows us to replace primary sources with secondary raw materials.
  • Raw Material – the output of biotechnology is a biopolymer that has unique generic properties /biocompatibility, biodegradability, non-toxic/ and unique properties as a cosmetic ingredient with wide application potential.
  • Environmental impact – 1 kg of biopolymer saves e.g. 6 kg CO2 eq. And all measured impact categories have a positive environmental impact due to avoided sources.
  • Biodegradability – P3HB is the reference material for biodegradability and is thus also unique in its properties.
  • Biocompatibility – the monomer is part of human metabolism and the polymer has great potential in biomedical and cosmetic applications.


in-cosmetics award


Read more about our winning technologies on the websites nafigate.com nad hydalpoint.com