Naturetics: Cosmetics with PHA

A brand of circular natural cosmetic products based on Hydal PHA

In nature we trust

Naturetics is not only cosmetics with PHA – we design circular products with carefully selected ingredients that are safe for human and friendly to nature. All ingredients are strictly plant-based, gentle to the skin, and easily biodegradable.

All Naturetics products benefit from Hydal PHA content. It fully replaces microplastics in cosmetic products serving as peeling microbeads in our shower milk or formulation toughener and stabilizer in other products. It is a good absorbent in our deodorants and acne products and provides a mild antibacterial effect. UV-protective power of Hydal PHA brought us to the development of safe and environment-friendly sunscreens.

Looking for sustainable packaging for our cosmetic products meeting hygiene requirements at the same time, we have decided to develop a powder cosmetic product line under the Naturetics brand. These water-free products allow us to decrease packaging volumes and eventually follow zero-waste approach. Reducing plastic packaging, we are still closer and closer to highly efficient and fully sustainable cosmetics.