New findings on consumer attitudes towards responsible packaging

Global packaging expert Amcor has published the results of its latest research into consumer perceptions of sustainability concerning packaging. The data obtained show, among other things, the willingness of consumers to pay more for differentiated products from top brands. According to Michel Zack, the company's commercial director, consumers are increasingly responsible in their choices and more often make purchasing decisions based on its environmental impact. Although a survey of more than 4,000 consumers varies from country to country, it is generally the case that 83% of respondents regularly read the instructions on the packaging regarding its disposal. The research is part of Amcor's ongoing leadership in sustainability. The company works with NGOs and others to improve waste management infrastructure and improve consumer education and participation in recycling, and is constantly expanding its packaging portfolio. Currently, the company supplies innovative packaging from recyclable PET packaging made from 100% recycled content to the consumer to unique recyclable flexible bags, to global players such as PepsiCo or Nestle. The company has led the packaging industry in the field of sustainability for many years. In June 2020, the company joined ReSource: Plastic, led by the World Wide Fund for Nature, which aims to accelerate the commitments of plastics organizations and prevent the entry of 50 million tons of plastics into nature by 2030. The company is also working to accelerate its sustainability program by investing in research and development, infrastructure, equipment, open innovation and expanding its partner network.