Air filtration for windows and doors

NanoCleaner is a nanofiber filter for air filtration in windows or doors - the result of 12 years of research and development of nanofiber membranes for air filtration. It is a product that makes full use of the completely unique properties of nanofibers - especially the ability to create barriers to penetration of even the smallest objects, such as bacteria, viruses and dust particles

How does it work

The nanofibers form a nonwoven fabric with a pore size of about 100 nanometers. Pollution from the external environment does not pass through these pores, but oxygen molecules pass without problems. They are so small that the passage of nanofibers is no problem for them.

The main advantages of our solution

Thanks to its excellent filtration properties, it captures parts of PM2.5 and PM1. PM2.5 particles are the most dangerous due to their ability to stay irreversibly in the lungs. They can contain toxic substances, but also microorganisms. Only clean air enters the room.

The nanofiber layer can capture and not let into the room:



Dust particles




NanoCleaner in numbers

NanoCleaner Ultra

NanoCleaner Optimum Plus

NanoCleaner Optimum

NanoCleaner Air

NanoCleaner Standard

NanoCleaner Air Plus

NanoCleaner Fresh Air

Air penetration:

220 [l/m2/s @ 125 PA]

310 [l/m2/s @ 125 PA]

380 [l/m2/s @ 125 PA]

490 [l/m2/s @ 125 PA]

565 [l/m2/s @ 125 PA]

630 [l/m2/s @ 125 PA]

830 [l/m2/s @ 125 PA]

Filtrační efficiency

97 % [2.5 µm particle @5.33cm/s]

93 % [2.5 µm particle @5.33cm/s]

 80 % [2.5 µm particle @5.33cm/s]

78 % [2.5 µm particle @5.33cm/s]

74 % [2.5 µm particle 5.33cm/s]

 70 % [2.5 µm particle @5.33cm/s]

64 % [2.5 µm particle @5.33cm/s]

Unique Know-How

NanoCleaner is manufactured on the basis of two patents:

Product patent

The essence of the patent lies in the composite structure - insect screens as a base layer, nanofiber membrane and cover, protective layer.

Patent for production technologies

Manufacturing process as the product is manufactured. Both patents are proof of the world's unique product and at the same time protect this unique know-how for 20 years, which no one else can use.

NanoCleaner is designed for:

Public and state administration

Manufacturer of shading equipment and windows


Manufacturer of filter materials

Home and apartment owners

Pilot projects


  • IKEM - pilot project for air and water filtration implemented with positive results
  • A pilot project with the Česká Lípa Hospital is currently underway. Two more hospitals are planned.

Šchools in the Czech Republic

  • NanoCleaner installation and CO2 measurement in schools in Moravia-Silesia.

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