Membrane for water filtration

EcoBrane is a nanofiber membrane designed for water filtration - the result of 10 years of research and development of nanofiber membranes for water filtration. It is a product that uses the unique properties of nanofibers - especially the ability to create barriers to the penetration of the smallest objects, such as bacteria and dust particles, and can thus filter out from the water what threatens life and health.

How does it work

The principle of how the whole composite works is expressed by the following scheme:

Woven polyester fabric

Pre-filtration (large particles) protects against damage.

Antimicrobial polymeric nanofiber composite

Fine filtration (small particles), high filtration efficiency

Woven polyester fabric

It strengthens nanofibers and gives them the necessary strength and superhydrophilicity.

The composite is also made of an all-cloth bag with multiple and single use filtering water without the need for energy. The size of the bag is selectable from 50 cm (5 liters of water) to 100 cm (10 liters of water).

The nanofibers form a nonwoven fabric with a pore size of about 100 nanometers. Pollution from the external environment does not pass through these pores, but oxygen molecules pass without problems - they are so small that the passage of nanofibers is no problem for them.


For cleaning , we recommend using mild detergent with neutral pH up to 30 °C. If you use low pressure stream, brush off the composite with nanofiber gloves. We recommend cleaning the net at least once a year.

The main advantages of our solution

A global, unique, simple and inexpensive solution for bacteria-free and turbid-free water for 2 billion people.

Mechanical strength and reliability

A price that does not create a barrier to use

High filtration volume (approx. 100 l of water)

No need for an energy source

Simplicity, Clarity of product use - even for people without education

Life cycle of use without additional environmental impact

Unique Know-How

EcoBrane is manufactured on the basis of a patent.

Patent for production technology - i.e. the production process for the creation of a product.

A filter that can filter water without electricity and in a very simple way does not exist on the market. There are many more expensive or cheaper options, but they are not always functional solutions, especially for third world countries.

EcoBrane production process

Step 1: spinning of the antimicrobial nanofiber layer

Step 2: lamination of the nanofiber layer with a polyester fabric

Step 3: final superhydrophilic and antibacterial treatment

Step 4: production of the final product

EcoBrane is designed for:

Countries suffering from drought

Natural disasters

Military conflicts - population / army

Landscapes with undeveloped and built infrastructure for water purification

Pilot projects

Production of water tap extension:

  • for local water systems 
  • for places with an increased need for clean water (hospitals, schools, state administration, business segment - hotels, developers ...)

Development of military antibacterial EcoBrane for the military

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