NAFIGATE park is being created at the former textile factory Feigl & Widrich - cultural monuments in the village of Andělská Hora. The factory complex was built between 1904-1907 and is a monument with a strong historical story.

The park will be NAFIGATE Corporation's first nanofiber manufacturing plant with its own R&D center. It will be used for the production of NAFIGATE Corporation products and all their partners‘.

On this page you will find the current course of the entire project and you can look into the background of the establishment of one of the largest nanofiber factories in the Czech Republic.

NAFIGATE Park in numbers

10 years

of experience

We have been working with nanofibers for 10 years and we are true experts in the field.

1,5 mil

square meters

NAFIGATE Park will be able to produce up to 1.5 million m2 of nanofibers per year.

4 months

Of construction

We will put the factory into operation in 4 months. We are planning to launch in September 2020.

Current phase of the project



We are looking for a space where our factory will stand and at the same time we are finishing the design of details of production equipment and capacities. We are hiring more colleagues to handle the demanding project of the factory.



We have found the best premises in a former textile factory and are arranging all the necessary contracts and permits. At the same time, we are working to ensure the delivery of production capacity on time.



We’ve been adjusting production premises of our factory and and arranging all necessary permits. We are working with designers to make our premises as safe and efficient as possible



We are installing NANOSPIDER production machines and preparing all R&D facilities. We are finishing the last adjustments of the production premises for the approval of the operation.



We have completed the installation of all equipment and our facilities are ready. We are gradually starting production and with the team we are optimizing the overall operation for 100% commissioning of capacities.


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