NAFIGATE Corporation Ltd. CEPLANT acquired the ELIIT project

Our joint project is focused on modifying nanomaterials in such a way they achieve the best possible properties. The EU has supported only 15 projects from all of Europe. And we were the only “national” consortium – i.e. both entities were from one country.

Nanofibers are a material that is already widely used today, especially in air filtration – we all are probably aware of the use of nanofibers in face masks during the COVID pandemic. But its use is much wider. However, in many areas nanofibers cannot yet be used because they do not possess sufficient properties – such as durability, water repellency or, conversely, permeability, mechanical properties and adhesion. And it is these particular areas that our joint project focuses on. With the help of the CEPLANT center we will be looking for the most efficient ways to industrially solve nanofiber modifications to achieve the best possible quality and new uses.