About us

NAFIGATE Corporation a. s. 

We are a Czech technology company that:

prepares breakthrough innovations and technologies for market entry;

it then sells them in the form of licenses.

NAFIGATE cooperates with leading scientists on the discovery and implementation of business plans and thus effectively connects research and the implementation of science and research outputs in the commercial sphere. In the field of nanofibers, NAFIGATE has a unique position on the market. It uses the successful Czech production technology Nanospider, on which it develops and subsequently manufactures innovative filters for air and water purification. He also applies nanofiber technologies to the production of professional cosmetics.

The globally breakthrough NAFIGATE technology is also the Hydal technology, which cycles used frying oil into a biopolymer in the "Waste to Material" concept.

NAFIGATE Corporation a.s. is the so-called "owner of the technology and the Hydal brand". It is also a research and development center for biotechnology and applications

Who we are

Our values

We build upon trust

Trust is the key value for us. It helps us gather new contacts and strengthen the current ones.

We strive toward excellence

We want to be the best in what we do – locally and globally. Every day, we look for ways, how to push our current projects forward.

We build a strong team

Human attitude and hard work bring us together. Our momentum is being kept by passion, the pursuit for change as well as failures that lead us toward better results.

We have a clear vision

We deal with significant problems that positively affect the lives of us all. Our vision is a better world.

People in the company

Pavel Čechal

Chairman of the Presidency

Jiřina Repaská

CEO and board member

Lenka Mynářová

Member of the Board of Directors

Baturalp Yalcinkaya

Senior researcher

Daniel Pohludka

Vicepresident for biodivision

Martin Vaněk

Chief scientist Hydal

Our awards


We have succeeded in strong competition and have been included in the Eurostars program within the EU.

China Hi-Tech Fair

We received the Excellent Product award for the NanoCleaner product.

Frost & Sullivan

We received the Frost & Sullivan award as the first biotechnology in the history of the Czech Republic.

Ceny SDGs

The Hydal PHA project won third place in the Business category of the SDGs.

EU's Seal of Excellence

We received an excellent evaluation for the Hydal project from the European Commission

IA Engineering Academy

Hydal received the honorary recognition of the Academy of Engineering of the Czech Republic.

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