Ladislav Mareš

Chairman of the Board of NAFIGATE

Ladislav Mares is Chairman of the Board of NAFIGATE Corporation. In managing of NAFIGATE he capitalizes on over 40 years of experiences with the technologies transfer into the industrial scale. In the field of nanofibers he is the co-inventor of unique technology NanospiderTM, which is ten years since launching still the only one and best technology worldwide. Ladislav Mares is also expert with the greatest experiences in the world in terms of nanofibrous industrial applications. He is an author or co-author more than 46 patents and utility models in the field of nanofibrous applications and processes of nanofibers production.

Since 2011 Ladislav Mares leads the team that converts into the industrial scale another unique technology – the Biotechnology Hydal. It is the first and only technology for the production of biopolymers from wastes in the world. Initial patent originated at the Brno University of Technology (BUT) in the team of Prof. Marova. Industrial and technological know-how was developed under the guidance and supervision of NAFIGATE Corporation in cooperation with BUT, the Czech Technical University in Prague (CTU) and the Institute of Microbiology ASCR. The pilot plant is being built in China. Czech-Chinese project Suzhou Hydal Biotech, which leads Ladislav Mares, won the 2015 Frost and Sullivan Technology Innovation Report.

Ladislav Mareš is the leader of a global dimension. He managed using two "game changing" technologies achieving world leadership in the fields with the greatest global competition.