NAFIGATE Corporation at EXPO 2015


NAFIGATE Corporation Inc. presents at EXPO 2015 two technologies that are changing the world: Hydal technology, which won the prestigious Frost and Sullivan Innovation Award and the nanofibres for water purification


EXPO 2015 has got two basic themes: Food for the planet and energy for life.  Biotechnology Hydal doesn't exhaust food and lets it for the planet and its inhabitants, because instead of sugar and corn uses waste cooking oil for biopolymer production. Our nanofiber membrane for water purification brings real revolution - allows you to exhaust 10 times less energy, filter more water, even in places where isn't available electricity for industrial water purification, "says Ladislav Mareš, Chairman of the Board and the Corporation NAFIGATE

NAFIGATE Corporation connects experts from the world of science and builds a global center of excellence which aims to transfer hi-tech products and innovative technologies. NAFIGATE Corporation brings projects focused on the development of a new energy saving generation of nanofiber membranes for water and air cleaning technologies, textile industry, or cosmetic to the global market. "Directly at the EXPO 2015 visitors can get acquainted with how the fourth generation of nanofiber membrane works. We have prepared for them demonstration equipment, which we called the "dead and living water." Nanofiber membrane can - thanks to its unique properties - produce drinking water from the polluted water. And it is not just a vision, it demonstrates the ongoing joint project in Singapore, where it is already preparing production of equipment for water purification "says Ladislav Mareš.

Other NAFIGATE Corporation key activity is transfer of Hydal biotechnology which - as the first technology in the world - utilizes 100% waste - used cooking oil - for the production of a PHA biopolymer on the industrial scale. The technology has been patented by the VUT team of prof. Marova and has been transferred to industrial scale by three Czech research teams – Brno University of Technology, University of Chemistry and Technology Prague and Institute of Microbiology. Czech-Chinese joint project Hydal Biotech obtained the Frost & Sullivan Technology Innovation Award with the excellent evaluation both of the technology and business strategy. 

Currently the first pilot plant is being built in Suzhou in China. This facility is the crucial step in implementation of the joint project based on Hydal biotechnology which utilizes used cooking oil for the production of a PHA biopolymer. There is very huge potential for Hydal biotechnology in China.

NAFIGATE Corporation also participated on Czech Tech China Center (CTCC) establishment. CTCC is the key institution for the Czech-Chinese strategic cooperation strongly supported by Czech and Chinese government. CTCC will interface Czech and Chinese companies in the field of technological innovations and support Czech entities to launch their advanced technologies and products in the Chinese market.

NAFIGATE Corporation, Inc. can offer more than 20 years of experiences with transfers of advanced technologies and has a strong know-how, including 48 patents and utility models.








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