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Brief description of the technological and manufacturing know-how of applications for Li-ion accumulators


Since 2007, know-how for development of nanofibrous applications for battery separators is formed under the leadership of L. Mares. During this time we created our know-how of experimental phase, which includes:


  • Recipe for the production of nanofiber membranes for battery separators


Know-how consists of forms of intellectual property protection, industrial formulas and trade secret.

Last year an independent testing of 6 samples of nanofiber separators was carried at the VUT with excellent results:

This separator combined with the cathode material LiCr0, 1Ni0, 4Mn1, 5O4 showed the highest stability for almost all the time during the long-term cycling, even when cycling at high temperature and also the highest capacity at higher loads. With SEM microscopy was subsequently found that there were no major changes to its fibrous structure or deposition of residue after decomposition of the electrolyte in the space between the fibers, in this separator during cycling.

Currently there is no ongoing project in the field of battery separators.




      A. Utility model– UV 0505CZ

      B. Trademark NAFIGATE – OZ0949


      2. Trade Secret


During our research and development we have created an extensive know-how in all phases of the development and manufacturing process enabling the transfer of know-how abroad and the rapid development of an industrial production. Core elements of trade secret are:


  • Knowledge of the electrospinning process

  • Experience with upscaling of applications - from laboratory development to industrial production

  • Process and technological conditions for manufacturing

  • Process optimization

  • Transfer of know-how abroad

  • Characterization and standardization of nanofiber materials

  • Expert Services






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