Know How - Clean Water

Brief description of the technological and manufacturing know-how of applications for water filtration


Since 2006, know-how for development of nanofibrous applications for water filtration is formed under the leadership of L. Mares. During this time we created our comprehensive know-how, which includes:


  • Recipe for the production of the fourth generation of nanofibrous microfiltration membranes for water filtration.

  • Recipe for the production of nanofibrous filtration membranes for Forward Osmosis

  • Prototype of filter device for filtering water without using electric energy


Know-how consists of forms of intellectual property protection, industrial formulas and trade secret.


Currently we are running a project in Singapore – the last stage of industrial research for Forward Osmosis membranes in cooperation with the company Aquaporin Asia. This project is 100% funded by the National Research Foundation in Singapore.


       1. IPR

       A. Utility model – UV0505

       B. Trademark NAFIPOR for nanofibrous filtration membrane - OZ1012

       C. Trademark NAFIGATE – OZ 0949


  1. Trade Secret

During our research and development we have created an extensive know-how in all phases of the development and manufacturing process enabling the transfer of know-how abroad and the rapid development of an industrial production. Core elements of trade secret are:


  • Knowledge of the electrospinning process

  • Experience with upscaling of applications - from laboratory development to industrial production

  • Process and technological conditions for manufacturing

  • Process optimization

  • Transfer of know-how abroad

  • Characterization and standardization of nanofiber materials

  • Expert Services






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