Energy is the most important factor that influences the national economies of all countries in the 21 century. Clean energy and sustainable development industries worldwide are experiencing robust global growth due to rising energy demand and climate change concerns.

How can nanofibers change our lives in energy?

This evolving demographic provides opportunities for the companies to explore the business opportunities in this direction, and appeals researchers to be involved in developing leading-edge technologies that paves the way for sustainable energy.

  • Efficient energy storage and energy conversion are the most prolific themes for future, where the development of advanced functional materials and creation of well-ordered functional molecular arrays at the nanometer scale are the key challenges.
  • Nanotechnologies including nanofibers have been more attractive recently because they have potential to improve the performances related to objectives in energy storage devices (Example Lithium batteries, H storage materials, supercapacitors) such as high conversion efficiency, energy/power density, discharge rate and extended life.
  • Significant progress in solar cells is possible using nanofiberous materials. The nanofiberous morphology is the preferred choice for the devices where higher surface area, porosity, electron diffusion are the critical factors to the device’s high performance.
  • Fuel cells are the devices that convert chemicals fuels into electricity using catalysts. Currently, there is a demand for high performance catalysts which could also accommodate a wide range of fuels for conversion/ and alternative catalysts with less expensive. Porous nanofibers would play a crucial role for the economic viability and maximizing the performance by embedding the expensive catalysts (platinum, rhodium etc) in its porous support materials strongly. Alternative catalysts materials should work well in fiberous morphology with large surface area.

NAFIGATE highlights the development of fiberous materials in the application on the various energy related themes.






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