Czech is NANO

Czech revolutionary products were introduced by leading nanotechnology companies last week in New York and Boston, where nanotechnology conference called Czech is nano took place on 25th and 27th October 2016. Within the  presentations Czech nanotechnologists visited the prestigious University of Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Columbia University.

Czech,  Jiří Kus, who is the President of the Association of nanotechnology industry, describes his feelings about the visit of the US: "I'm returning from the US with an affirmation that we are nanofiber world number one. I was surprised how much we are still ahead,"

Nanofiber is a Czech specialty. The license for industrial and laboratory facilities, which are based on technology called Nanospider, was invented by a team from  Liberec Technical University. The team is  led by Oldrich Jirsak. NanospiderTM was/ is being sold since 2005. The first company that was selling it was a Czech company called Elmarco.

" Therefore, in recent years  the  unique products , which cannot be found anywhere else in the world, were created in the Czech Republic " says Kus.

The Czech company sells a special nanofibber anti-allergic bedding that achieve one hundred percent effectiveness in the fight against mites and allergens. Nanofiber in combination with hyaluronic acid can be also found in the face mask, which can painlessly remove up to 70 percent of wrinkles.

The Czech nanotechnologists in nanotechnology cluster Nanoprogress can not only improve the human skin but also they can  use the nanofiber to repair bones. The outcomes are  indistinguishable from the healthy bones. 

"The nanofibers implanted into the damaged bone enable ossification that fix the bone," explains Lubos Komarek the manager of the cluster Nanoprogress.

"In the world there  is a common problem to join together science with industry. In the Czech Republic we are able to do so. People can actually buy 90% of the products mentioned at the conference, ," he adds. Now in the Czech Republic there the cluster Nanoprogress became a very efficient tool for linking research and industry.

"We are not  the biggest state, we are actually a little nano-state, but also we are nanosupermen," concludes the chairman of ANP of CR Jiri Kus.

The presentation of Czech nanotechnologies  in the US was attended by representatives of companies Contipro, IQ Structures, Nafigate, nanoSPACE, nanotechnology cluster Nanoprogress and research center CEITEC. The event was held with the support of the  Consulate General of the Czech Republic in New York and of CzechInvest.






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