Czech biotechnology Hydal won another victory success

Prague, 13. 12. 2016

Czech biotechnology production of biopolymer Hydal, which was made of used cooking oil, won the "Top 10 Product" price at the prestigious fair China High Tech Fair 2016 in Shenzhen. The technology was placed on the market by the Czech stock company NAFIGATE Corporation.

The Czech Republic won the award among three thousand exhibitors from around the world.

The Czechs won the award for the biotechnological production of biopolymer Hydal, which was made from used cooking oil. The technology was put into action by Czech Company NAFIGATE Corporation  in the laboratory of the University of Technology (VUT) in Brno. The project was financially supported by Technological Agency of the Czech Republic (TA CR) within its program EPSILON.

"Within the program Epsilon we co-invested funds into development of recipe of agricultural foils. We also supported the transfer of the technology to China, where was established new joint Czech-Chinese corporation to process waste of food production and to produce the foils, "said Martin Bunček, the vice-chairman of TA CR. The result of testing was introduced, for example, to the Chinese president during his visit of CR in March.

"The award we received is a showcase of the excellent work of all those involved. It also shows that cooperation between a commercial sector and a research institute is possible and also results in such outcomes that are significant and positively accepted worldwide" commented Ladislav Mareš, Chairman of the Board NAFIGATE Corporation.

At Fair China Hi-Tech Fair 2016, which is the greatest the most important technology exhibition in China, the company NAFIGATE Corporation participated as part of a joint Czech pavilion organized by the Agency CzechTrade Embassy of the Czech Republic. The pavilion represented the maturity of the Czech Republic in the field of the latest technology hi-tech products (in total six Czech companies participated).

"The scope of the fair, which is organized by the local government in Shenzhen, is hardly imaginable for Europeans. Not only that nearly 4,000 exhibitors from the world's elite participate there, but also the fair has huge attendance. It is about 600,000 visitors from 90 countries.

The greatness of the success that Nafigate achieved is evident by the fact that it was the only "non-Chinese" technology, which won the award, "said Aleš Červinka, regional director of the agency CzechTrade in China.

Project of biotechnology Hydal is already running in China and it comes to first actions. The award shows its huge importance to China. "The potential of China, in the availability of raw materials and in the production and consumption, is the largest in the world "says Ladislav Mareš.

Biotechnology Hydal brings a unique mix of three options:

1) It is the concept of Circular Economy / out of the waste is created biopolymer BIOPLAST, which breaks into CO2 and water, an also does not burden the environment /.

2) It is the whole waste-free system so-called “Zero Waste Management”.

3) The outputs are products with the highest added value.

Czech government and its institutions support the project Hydal in the long term. "Without government support and grants we would have little chance to act quickly enough at this stage of technology development. The global market is inexorable and does not have any "drive lanes" for the slow. Costs for the development of this type of technologies are usually in the amount of $ 1 billion, "says Ladislav Mareš.

"The award we received in China confirms that even a relatively small Czech company can establish itself among giant Chinese global competitors when it  focuses on the development of high-tech product Innovative technologies with high added value. To everyone who participated on this unprecedented success I would like to thank for spreading the good name of Czech industry in the world, "said Jan Mládek Minister of Industry and Trade.

About NAFIGATE Corporation Inc.

The company NAFIGATE Corporation, Inc. connects experts from the fields of science and builds Global Center Excellence, which aims to transfer hi-tech product of innovative technology. NAFIGATE Corporation brings global projects to market. The projects are aimed at developing a new generation of energy-efficient nanofiber membranes for technologies of water and air purifying, for textile industry and cosmetics.

Another key activity of NAFIGATE Corporation is transfer of biotechnology Hydal, which processes used cooking oil for the production of PHA biopolymer and development of new applicability of biopolymers and bioplastics.


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