The Czech biotechnology is heading to US Market

The Czech company NAFIGATE Corporation is getting ready to enter US market with its unique Czech biotechnology Hydal. The Hydal technology allows manufacture of PHA biopolymer from used cooking oil. The technology originates from laboratories of Brno University of Technology (BUT).

„We do negotiate with potential investors and partners about common development and strategic cooperation in the United States“, said Ladislav Mareš, CEO of Nafigate Corporation.  The Czech company has started preparation for the US Market entry since last autumn and, if the negotiation goes well, plans to establish fist US PHA manufacturing plant along with its partners.

The company expects interest in the Hydal biotechnology due to surplus of used cooking oil on the market. Used cooking oil volume rises by around 10% each year. Hydal Biotechnology brings advantageous utilisation of used cooking oil in the time of biodiesel manufacture decline in light of electric car market development and low crude oil prices. 

Produced PHA biopolymer is further utilised for final products manufacture – Bioplastics with wide range of applications, starting from agricultural mulching films to food packaging.


Presentation for investors                              

NAFIGATE will introduce is Hydal Biotechnology to investors and US used oil collectors at the presentation which will be given in Bohemia National Hall on Manhattan, New York.  

„US states governments and big cities have adopted strategies of zero waste technologies and just that technology we bring here to offer” emphasised by Lenka Mynářová, the company executive marketing director.

Another presentation will be given at Biobased Re-Revolution of Plastics conference held in New York. The conference will be the first phase of the Hydal Biotechnology US market entry followed by projects of common research and development with Nafigate and its partners.  Lenka Mynářová will be presenting at the New York conference as key speaker in front of leading world biopolymer entrepreneurs and specialist.

„We have become familiar in detail with specifics of US market and initiated cooperation with leading US polymer expert Dr. Yash Khanna” noted Ladislav Mareš, Nafigate’s CEO.

The Czech biotechnology Hydal has been introduced to the Chinese market already, where negotiation takes place with 4 investors at the moment. 


Global leaderhip

Hydal is the first biotechnology in the world capable of industrial production of biopolymer from the waste material – cooking oil – and so do not compete with food chain resources compared to competition, which utilises sugars, starch or refined oils.

Hydal biotechnology brings following mixture of unique opportunities:

  1. Circular economy concept: waste is converted to biopolymer which is converted to bioplastic product such as mulching film, which disintegrates completely to CO2 and Water in time and so does not harm environment.
  2. Zero Waste Management concept: There is no waste produced during manufacture.
  3. Products with high added value as result of the whole process

Hydal Technology has been recognised by Frost and Sullivan, receiving its prestigue innovation award in 2015 as first Czech company ever. Prestige award has been received in China also, receiving TOP10 innovative products award. Technology has received recognition in the EU as well, obtaining “Seal of excellence Horizon 2020” two times. “It is king of golden hattrick on three continents which only confirms high potential of this unique Czech technology” said Lenka Mynářová, the company executive marketing director.


About NAFIGATE Corporation

The company NAFIGATE Corporation interconnects experts from various fields of science and builds global centre of excellence with the aim to transfer hi-tech products and innovative technologies from the lab bench to the market. NAFIGATE Corporation brings projects aiming to new generation of energy efficient nanofiber membranes for clean air and clean water technologies, textile industry and cosmetics to the market. Another key activity is Hydal Biotechnology transfer, which utilises used cooking oil into PHA biopolymer and final bioplastic products. For more information visit






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