Clean Air


Air pollution includes industrial pollutants, bio and chemical species present in the atmosphere have become the major threats to living beings and the environment.

Air filtration is the most developed application of nanofiber materials, having the longest tradition and well proved added value.


Petrianov filters produced during the cold war in the U.S.S.R. had saved Soviet nuclear program. They provided necessary protection for the workers in uranium enrichment plants, and for the soldiers trained for nuclear war. The respirators were produced using electrospinning method, the same principle Nanospider (TM) is based on.

Several decades ago, Donaldson Company introduced air filters with nanofiber layer to global market. The benefits from using tiny nanofibers are very attractive: dramatic increase of filtration efficiency connected with only very incomparably small increase of pressure drop. All this comes from different air flow regime for nanofibers. Air filters with nanofibers are the best example and prove of commercial potential of nanofibers.

Nanofiber technology helps to develop smaller, more compact components/long life filters that have higher efficiency, and low initial pressure drop and thus lower energy consumption nad lower CO2 emissions production.







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