About us



NAFIGATE Corporation connects experts from the world of science and builds a global center of excellence which aims to transfer hi-tech products and innovative technologies. NAFIGATE Corporation brings projects focused on the development of a new energy saving generation of nanofiber membranes for water and air cleaning technologies, textile industry, or cosmetic to the global market.


Other NAFIGATE Corporation key activity is transfer of Hydal biotechnology which - as the first technology in the world - utilizes 100% waste - used cooking oil - for the production of a PHA biopolymer on the industrial scale. First pilot line and plant is being built in Suzhou in China. In year 2015 the Biotechnology Hydal obtained the Frost & Sullivan Technology Innovation Award with the excellent evaluation both of the technology and business strategy.


NAFIGATE Business Model is patterned on:

  1. Key competences – NAFIGATE representatives and experts have unique know-how in following areas:

  • Research and development of nanofibrous applications – Mr. Mares is co-author of the Nanospider Technology and thanks to world primacy has ten years ahead of the world competition in the research and development of NF membranes.

  • Industrial production of polymers – newly created technological know-how. Biopolymers are at the same time used also for nanofibers production and thus open new opportunities for high-end applications like nanobio smart packaging.

  • Successful transfer of technologies on the global level – a way from laboratory to global market.

  • R&D marketing – introduction of new technologies and products based on new technologies, launching of products to markets.

  1. Co – creation – together with the biggest and the best companies we are developing the final applications and sharing the infrastructure.

  2. Sales of licenses and know-how – NAFIGATE has unique and protected know-how. For selected projects NAFIGATE is a provider of know-how and expert services.


The key principle of the NAFIGATE functioning is cooperation and networking on the global level.






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