Biotechnology hydal

Brief description of technological and production know-how of HYDAL technology

The market for biopolymers and bioplastics and its demands - have these basic parameters:

  • The latest trends in plastic materials show a high increase in demand for organic products. Global demand is steadily increasing. GACR is according to different sources between 27 - 32 % for years 2014 to 2019.
  • Demand for biopolymer PHA is growing fastest – it is due to its biodegradability in water, sea and soil. In this sense, it is a unique biopolymer.
  • Technology, that can effectively produce PHA with low costs – that is Czech technology Hydal – is the key to further development of bioplastic market.

Technology can be 100% energy-independent, because the used cooking oil is energy source at the same time. Hydal BioTech is first industrial technology in the world which uses so called feedstock of 3rd generation (i.e. 100% waste), which is a surplus on a global scale and, moreover, there is no more effective use for its lowest quality. From the global perspective of food stocks, it is therefore preferable to use waste for plastics production rather than an element of the food chain.

HYDAL`s biggest competitive advantage is the surplus of input raw materials on a global scale at a very low price, the independence of technology on energy prices and energy sources (producing energy for own use), independence from labor price growth - technology is automated. High yield and process efficiency - oil has 3 times more energy than sugar.

Hydal technology has been continuously developed more than 10 years and during this time a comprehensive know-how was formed comprising following:

  • PHB production by microbiological fermentation of edible fats and oils
  • A method of isolating a polymer from a microbial biomass having a purity of over 99%
  • Recipes of a polymer with additives for the production of plastic products by conventional technologies

Project documentation

Based on the long-term verification of the technology in quarter-production at the Institute of Microbiology of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic and the knowledge of the development of insulation at VŠCHT and VÚCHT, the project documentation for Concept Design for industrial lines was created.

Running two pilot lines for upstream process and downstream proces

A key part of technological and manufacturing know-how has been created in the experimental and applied research processes that NAFIGATE Corporation, a.s. implemented since 2012. The upstream process pilot line is from 2013 on the MBÚ of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic and the downstream process pilot line is from 2015 in VUCHT in the Duslo Šala complex.

These lines optimize and complete production know-how, including production processes. In this way materialization of the whole know-how is created.

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